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    At the height of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, with all the protesting, finger pointing and inequality screaming at one another…. let that digest a bit… cutting through all that noise was this beautiful voice resonating from a KEXP video podcast that was playing in the background.  Frantically closing all the windows on my laptop trying to find the podcast there was Meagan Grandall and her dreamy voice piercing the two inch speakers while Kendra Cox and her hair flying around playing keyboards and drums at the same time.  I remember thinking “Oh! These Chics Got it” and if their band LEMOLO ever came to San Diego I would try and film them.


    The Indie dream-pop duo was labeled Best Unsigned Artists of 2012 and Seattle Magazine named them one of the “Best New Seattle Bands”  There music has a dynamic range that most bands don’t celebrate enough.  Nothing worst then being pushed through a song with your hair on fire for five minutes…. well unless that’s your thing.  Kendra’s rhythms takes you on a journey through slow and heavy, light and fast while Meagan’s vocals are ambiguous and certain while filling a room.  Lemolo’s collaborative is inscribed on their first album, “The Kaleidoscope” which can be purchased at lemolomusic.com/shop .


    We caught up with Lemolo at the end of 2011 in the middle of their very first west coast tour opening for The Head and The Heart at the House of Blues.  They graciously accepted and performed an acoustic set for us across the street on top of a parking structure in downtown.  Their soft sound contrast against the heart beat of the city provided an amazing moment at the end of the film. Meagan and Kendra are very talented and are dedicated to their craft.  Enjoy the journey ladies!!!


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    Just a taste of photos from the shoot at Mission Brewery in San Diego, CA

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    I’ve been looking at a lot of self portraits lately by photographers.  I like seeing the cameras in their hands as they take the picture.  Subject, environment, foreground, background and the extra  layer of the photographer in that moment as they clicked.  It has nothing to do with what camera you’re using or how much depth of field your able to get out of your lens.  Creating depth, visual layers and a story with in the frame… thats what its all about.

    My aunt, an artist in her own right, a few years ago bought a DSLR camera and started taking pictures.  At first she would ask me all types of technical questions, eventually those questions turned technique based and then about post editing.  Now she is answering all my questions.  She recently sent me a link regarding a 20th century photographer whose work was discovered in 2007, when a young artist purchased a box of photographic negatives during a local thrift house auction in Chicago.  The photographer was Vivian Maier.

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    "You talk to any graphic designer, Paul Rand and Reid Miles has to be in their top five" -Dave Lively for Lively&Sons Inc.  Reid Miles worked for the postwar jazz record label Blue Note to design album covers… his work has inspired many different people in all sorts of mediums.  This video was produced by Italian Director Bante for The Bella Vista Social Pub to promote their summer series of jazz concerts.  The concerts were a celebration of Blue Note Record’s 70 Anniversary.  The promotional piece recreating Reid Miles album covers is simply timeless.

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